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I don't know how I picked the hobby up, but I've been running with it for the last couple of years! I started around 2022 by making small cat blankets that looked more like cobwebs by a sci-fi spider. Anways, I'm getting better with every project I do! Aside from progress, the repetative motions of crochet is soothing for me and can really help my anxiety when I can feel myself getting tense. I reccommend anyone to start! It's amazing to make blankets, cardigans, sweaters, and plushies! You're really only limited to your imagination and youre willingness to try something new! I don't really use patterns typically, I kinda wing most projects and eyeball what I want based off of pinterest inspo or a random idea I get from clothes I see online. Buuuut I'm proud to say, I'm finally learning how to plan properly so I don't get mad/disappointed at myself after a shit ton of work is done and it doesn't fit or looks wonky.. Took me long enough lol n.n"

I haven't documented e v e r y t h i n g I've made along my crochet timeline since beginning and I've taken breaks along the way, so please don't judge my growth or crochet style or even your own projects off of anything I've done. The best part about crochet is that everyone gets to have their own pace!! :)

What is crochet?

noun a handicraft in which yarn is made up into a patterned fabric by looping yarn with a hooked needle.

crochet uses 1 hook
knitting uses 2 knitting needles
I believe as a whole, they are called "fabric arts".

photos of my crochet triumphs and failures, down below!!

one of my favorite pictures of my yarn hauls but also just looks so pretty c: The colors, the amount of yarn, & the sun comiong in; everything is just so wonderful! ;u; I'm very lucky to have people in my life who support my hobbies :)

Yarn looks like a noodle ;u;

project approved

project approved

project approved

look at the cleanliness

planning >.>

assembling something here...

Oh they look so nice when they're organized..

Hmmm... What's a box o' squares good for?

would you believe my luck? Still have no clue as to what happened here :c I messed up somehow..

over the shoulder bag attempt number one

The bag holds all these yarn balls!!

bag straps..

satsifying af to my brain

I love crocheting to stitch squares together lately.

construction of bag idea

assembly line progresss shot

this yarn was so soft too, 10/10 looooved it ;u;

ohhh isnt she artsy

I do my granny squares for my projects like an assemblt line lol. Makes my brain happy instead of doing them one by one fully.

looooved working with these colors

1st square attempt versus the 2nd square. I impressed myself since I never attempted one like this before. Big thanks to the tutorial here!

First real technical granny square (that wasn't a big flat one color square) done with a starburst youtube tutorial

Will attempt to make this better come Fall 2024!!

wonky sweater; didn't fit me like I had anticipated so I ended up scraping it ;n;

clean squares ;u;

artsy lol

Blanket I made for mom with colors she enjoys arranged like a layer cake! :)

one day I'll try this again!!

failed sweater attempt lol

I think she like yellow best c:

Purple simple scarf with yarn my boyfriend's family gifted my for christmas. I really like it :)

Finished snowman I made for my mom (: Need to do this again...

Snowman/plushie attempt!! Went very well :D

Another fluffy blanket for my floofy boi.

made it longer and was a lot happier!!

First attempt at patchwork cardigan; didn't like how short it felt!!

ohh colors

The wonkiest sweater I made for my boyfriend lol.

A 5th attempt at making a fluffy cat blanket.

Champy with the same blanket!

Marcie with my first blanket attemopt c:

> neurrotted video games

I've been watching my dad and (at the time) best friend play videa games on pc, on our home dreamcast, and her ps2 and eventually my own that my dad ended up using more than me. His PC and ps2 playing exposed me to metal gear solid from a reaaally young age and it's always had me in a fascination ever since! I think vidoe games are really fun and some of my favorite include Ookami, Crash Bandicoot, Stardew Valley, Yakuza Zero (I'm new to the series and taking my time with it :) )

photos of my video game adventures, seperated by game! !!

[ m i n e c r a f t ]

- creative mode on server w/my boo c:

Heeello and welcome to my minecraft adventures!!

Casual long path; on the way to the zoo I'm making :)

Fox sleeping in a tree, thought it was too cute!!

Opposite way/coming back from the zoo :)

The start of the rainbow bridge!


Riding the "Rainbow Rail Way" when done! Maybe I'll upload a video sometime, I really enjoy riding through it :3