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hello and welcome new and returning beans!

Howdy and how's it goin'? Here, I like to mainly post my art and also keep you updated with whatever I'm up to with both art and some personal updates! If you're more interested in my art, I'd recommend checking out my carrd for any commission info or other art related links.

Now why did I make a website that is the embodiement of a car crash or personal and semi preofessional? Welp, short answer is, I wanted to. The longer version is: I have been making websites for as long as I can remember being on the internet at this point. I was playiong on the family computer before kindergarden, I think lol.

I've always loved the creative side of the internet where there's tons fo blinkies, flashy backgrounds, and neon text everywhere. It was a different vibe in the 2000's, I tell ya. Neocities reminds me of that time tohugh. Now that I'm older and understand more things, I like to tinker around and see what I can do. Nothing amazing (yet) but I'm having fun! I hope you have fun as you browse around :3

If you would like to find some good resources for your website that I enjoy utilizing myself here, feel free to check out my credit page! I also have some freebies you can use from me to you! My way of giving back to the internet that gave me so much when I was creating things as a young bean. Just please give credit, I'd deeply appreciate it! Either a link or my site name pls :) At minimum, please don't claim as your own! I update it whenever I want so feel free to check as you want!

I hope you have a very rad day and stay hydrated!!

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site updates


I've got hella changes coming along yet AGAIN because I'm never satisfied it seems lol I think I'll have some life updates soon. Hopefully I'll be getting my teeth fixed with my state insurance soon, fingers big crossed. Gotta make a call and see where it goes. Maybe I'll make a blog post about it ;u; Also, I know I've been promising a comic forever at this point, and there's a part of me that really wants to be like other artists and have one, but I'm going to just shut up til I'm actually done and doing more than planning and sketching potential characters/scenes. I gotta can stop pressuring myself to the point I get too overwhelmed to progress on it at all @.@ Think I'll just stop thinking about it for a little while. Maybe I'll focus on it when my teeth are healing, who knows lol. Anyways, I'm just going to focus on coding the new site and making art the way I want to. Gotta stop stressing about what can be "sellable/marketable". I'm giving myself a lot of big quest


You may notice a small facelift on the website, some new art, and some new freebies c: Still hashing out the comic lmao


I guess lots of updates lol
Some page updates are slowly being rolled out, yoiu may have noticed! Think of it like a lil brow lift for the site untill further notice lol (been watching a lot of Luxeria on YouTube, she's so fun!) :) I hope you like what I've done around. I'll be tinkering here and there in the background for the next few days at least, I'm sure. Really need to sit down and sketch up some cute art for the site! Want to make it extra cute and personal areound here. It's a portfolio website mainly, sure, buuuut this place is also a good way to keep up with the actual human running the account.
I'm hoping to have a fun event on the site this fall to celebrate another birthday buuuut also because I love spooky time! I'm getting ready now so hopefully I'll be ready this year even if I'm depresso expresso. I've never done something like this before so I hope it'll go well. I have a couple ideas I think would be fun to go for.
Oh, and I'm still fleshing out the comic plot points/details.. I want it to make sense and not be too "this story just works cause I said so" kind of vibes, ya know? I'm a perfectionist but I REALLY want to roll some pages out soon! I think it's time I share a story I've had in my brain for a a bunch of years (on and off). Just want to make sure I don't trap myself at any point but don't make anything too unrealistic. It may be a comic but I want there to be a subtle eerie feeling when one rereads the comic as things progress. I hope that makes sense.
Adoptable page will be coming next. I may also make these etsy listings, depends on what's easiest/most functional.
Feel free to check back and see what's new as I work in the background! Until next time with the next big update, stay rad and stay hydrated!!

Oh, man... My birthday is on the 23rd. Can't believe I'm going to be 29. Last year being 20-anything... I don't think I'll miss it.lololol. Kinda can't wait to start the next big chapters of my life! Like when I finally get to have my OWN place I belong and can be comfortable in.. Things are looking up in my personal life! I'm very hopeful for the future.


Hey there everyone! I'm sorry I've been absent and didn't deliver everytihng I was hoping to from my last update. I greatly underestimated how much I'd be missing Marcie today/the last month. If you didn't know, my dog Marcie crossed the rainbow bridge a year ago. One of the hardest days of my life, honestly. I've been staying busy playing video games making things for my comic and some new frebeies for the website. You make have also noticed I made a new cursor! I'm a little proud of it. I know it's simple but I think it adds to the vibe! I'm lowkey working on a lot for the site but I'm also fleshing out my comic idea, making sure the plot makes sense before I get drawing crazy. I know I keep talking about it and I'll hopefully have the first 3 pages by the end of the month (: Setting a deadline for myself!
Anyways, another minor announcement I'd like to make as well; My commissions are open again! Please feel free to see my carrd link for more info!
I'll be revamping a lot in the next couple of weeks so feel fre to check back and see what's new! Until next time, stay rad and stay hydrated!!


Updating some pages, adding some pages, drawing up some art to add up very soon, and I'm updating the credit page currently to add some links and hopefully be more organized overall :) Hoping to also add the crochet, chat box, and nature pages today or tomorrow. Just to share more of my hobbies/arts with you here because why not? :3 I'm also rethinking my vent art idea for the comic section; Think I'm going to just go ahead and take time to sit down, write a plot, and draw up some characters. I've had an idea for a little while, just tinkering in the back of my head, and now I think it could be fun to finally do something with it. Hopefully I'll have some sketches and a page to show you this Friday, or sooner. :] Exciting! Till the next update (hopefully v soon!!), be rad and stay hydrated!!


Happy first day of March everyone! I've started getting the website updates I've been planning on finally out with the sidebar links updated meaning new pages added! They aren't all complete and will of course be added to over time but hey, they're there! I need to make a blinking 'new' graphic sometime. Anways, enjopy the new pages including a minecraft one! Thought it'd be fun :3 There's also some updated art arounnd too which means the art page is also updated! Aaanways, there will be more updates coming but today I did enough work, time to go enjoy some dinner!


I've been back for a few days and really enjoying my art lately. Think I'm finally getting back in sync with myself; I also have some fun big plans for spring. Not gonna spoil anything but I'm hype! Only downside lately is my drawing shoulder is being a big pain lately so that limits my days of drawing a bit but I'm grateful I can do it at all! The other day, before I saw my folks, I was vacuuming our (bf and I's) room and my back had a spasm or something; I felt the muscle in the middle of my back on my right side just quiver and then an immense pain hit my body; it was damn near impossible to stand, breathe, move at all etc. I finished vacuuming and just laid on the floor for a minute. It was horrid. I can't help but laugh now about it becasuse vacuuming hurt me like WHAT lmao. Anyways, Thanks to ibuprofen, that height of the pain only lasted about 10/15 minutes actually (that's my guess anyways). Since then though, my shoulder has been extra tense/painful and I was already having issues with it from drawing/crochet/minecraft for hours on end lol. Lots of repeatative movements makes joints and backs unhappy, who knew? lol Oh, but yeah! I've been trying to draw as much as I can anyway so here's hoping to a decent site update coming soon; lots of planning ahead but can't wait for you all to see it :) Make sure you stay hydrated and do your best today! Til the next update, take care!! Thanks for checking in!!


I'll be going out of town for a few days but I'm hoping that means I'll have some new art ideas. I've been feeling extra low lately so maybe some time in nature and seeing my family will do me some good. When I get back, I'll crank out some new art to pump the website up; I really want to have a fun menu and new art for the enter page. Plus some art on the main page/through out the site would be good idea considering I'm an artist lmao. I forget I can have as much fun with stuff as I want and it's okay to be cluttered. So yeah, hoping for an art over haul soon and maybe some new pages will be in the works next month! Definetly trying to have the about page up before my birthday in April >.>;; Maybe I'll hvae some new freebies with all this art incoming uwu lol Anyways, all that sit yapping aside, I hope you're doing rad out there and are doing your best!! Till the next update, see you!


Editing the site this weekend, or at least starting to, (sciatica be damned) please be patient while I make changes all around, thank you!! Still gonna work on a site OC despite the name change to just neurrotted. I hope you guys like the changes that I'm doing. Sometimes when I make these quick updates it reminds me of the game Buddy Simulator lol. That reminds me! I'm hoping to do a Gifypet for the site to interact with or something to do with the OC in the works. Forever having a thousand ideas and taking forever to execute them lol.
Also sorry about my spelling and grammar; I might cave and start using one of those proofreading services. ;-;


Debating changing the site name again (notifiying any potential public that might wanna know) but this time to just 'neurrotted' instead of trying to have a cafe theme. It's fun and I can do a lot with it, I've been sitting down and planning things, but I also don't know if I wan't to fully stick to that theme. (n.n") Plus, just 'neurrotted' would be shorter to type up too and that's a big motivator for me... lol. I think I'll get the art ready and shorten the name this weekend or next week! Hopefully will have some new pages coming soon too in that time. :3


Hey guys! Happy new year! I hope this year treats you better than the last! I wish I had a bigger update but just wanted to say hello and hope you're well!! Updates are coming soon, hoping to be a lil more interactive soon :3


Happy Holidays everyone! I wasn't much in the spirit myself this year so I don't have any holiday inspired artwork to share this time buuut I did update the art page with a new demon piece to officially start under my neurrotted (neurrotted.art) art name. I hope you enjoy it! *Friendly reminder I prefer a mature autdience to viewe my work, thank you!! I hope next year my mental health is better so I can feel excited to celebrate again like I REALLY like to :) Here's to hoping for a doodle next year! Be safe on your holidays out there!!


Hey there! You may see some changes have been made lol. I've changed the name of the "cafe" because I changed my art name because I felt like it essentially. I like this more and honestly think it matches my anxious personality and my fear of going missing and being found rotted. My brain is fun. Anyways, I've revamped the site and I really enjoy the color palette now. It's inspired by some "gloomy" and "sinful" items on Gaia Online. Mint and purple are such fun colors :) Hope it's easier on the eyes; I'll be playing with the colors on the main boxes a wee bit still but overall I'm happy! Oh and I updated my freebies page so that's finally back up! I'll be updating that as I update the site in the future. I hope you enjoy the update! If you use, please give credit to either this site(neurrotted-cafe.neocities.org), me (neurrotted.art), or my ig (@neurrotted.art)


Still getting the site together, gotta update some colors here and there. I'm working on making a mascot to make the cafe theme a little more fun and real lol. I'm excited to unveil her soon! Also today I realized this site is over 1 year old!! I'm a little mad at myself for not noticing sooner but I'm going to have a site stats on the side bar now so I can keep track easier. Definitely gonna try to plan something for the website's next birthday! :) But yeah, more stuff coming to the website soon! Hoping to customize the cursor and change the index page to offer a shortcut to my art gallery for anyone that's interested in that strictly. I'm also looking into a mood tracker/updater thing. I think that would be so cute! Especially ont he about me page :3 I've set some goals for next year and I'm aiming to go outside my comfort zone again :D


I thought I was satisfied with the old layout but I've decided to mess with things again. Hopefully this time I'll get settled in and be able to put more art up and finally some mini comic pages I always ramble about doing. Anyways, lots of work on the site to come including a secret treasure page that I want to have cute little pixels to brighten up one's day. My ipad is still needing work so my art process is slow rn, my bad ;-;


Taking my time getting details down but I think overall I like things right now. I'm going to get the art page up again shortly, just gotta make sure all the images will display properly with the theme. Plus I'm trying to make some new art and I was hoping to make something for spooky month but my ipad kinda broke randomly and it's not looking good. Kinda bummed but I'm just refiguring out my art process with a sketchbook, phone, and my xp-pen tablet. At least I defintely still have a means to make digital art. It did knock a little wind out of my sail so my bad. Hopefully once I get comfy in my new system, I can have an influx of art to show/update with :) I did add a link on the right sidebar to a chatbox page so feel free to go there if you're into that. I think their cool. there's also a fuinctioning guestbook again if you want to leave any comments about the site itself or just say you were here :]
Till another update, later! Stay rad and hyrdated!!


Still trying to change the site up and get it tweaked how I like; slowly getting it right. Sorry it takes me forever!


We're changing it up again lmao - bear with me!! New layout and stoof on the way ~

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