hello and welcome to the non existent but still very odd cafe~ We hope you enjoy your stay here :)

lots of changes coming

Under construction at this time, lore and a sketch to hold us over


place holder until the site oc is fully made :)


A strange but alluring cafe with a sleepy star dimly lit on the neon out front; the smell of the baked homemade goods and fresh roasting coffee captures your senses and tempts them for more.. For a taste. A look. The small bell over the door gives a small ring to signal your visit; you hear some shuffling in the back as a young lady with what looks to be horns on her head comes quickly to the counter where all the fluffy and delighfully sweet baked goods show off their glazes, icings, and variously dipped corners for all to see and drool over. You feel a warmth like a cozy hug in the middle of winter as you meet the gaze of the worker. She greets you sweetly and takes your order while you look around at the baked goods counter and your adventure at the odd cafe has begun. You thought you were the only one upon entry into this half lit cafe but upon a second glace you can see people and what seem to be spirits having coffee together with a low hum of multiple conversations going on at once but not over each other. A harsh chill runs up your spine quick but the comfort you felt upon entering doesn't fade away; You get the feeling that you are safe here. A cafe kitty bumps into you, looks to be a dense fog in a longhaired and proud stout body, after a soft but raspy meow is let out to ask for a gentle head pat.. Before you know it, your order is ready and you sit among the crowd enjoying your time here...



Still getting the site together, gotta update some colors here and there. I'm working on making a mascot to make the cafe theme a little more fun and real lol. I'm excited to unveil her soon! Also today I realized this site is over 1 year old!! I'm a little mad at myself for not noticing sooner but I'm going to have a site stats on the side bar now so I can keep track easier. Definitely gonna try to plan something for the website's next birthday! :) But yeah, more stuff coming to the website soon! Hoping to customize the cursor and change the index page to offer a shortcut to my art gallery for anyone that's interested in that strictly. I'm also looking into a mood tracker/updater thing. I think that would be so cute! Especially ont he about me page :3 I've set some goals for next year and I'm aiming to go outside my comfort zone again :D


I thought I was satisfied with the old layout but I've decided to mess with things again. Hopefully this time I'll get settled in and be able to put more art up and finally some mini comic pages I always ramble about doing. Anyways, lots of work on the site to come including a secret treasure page that I want to have cute little pixels to brighten up one's day. My ipad is still needing work so my art process is slow rn, my bad ;-;


Taking my time getting details down but I think overall I like things right now. I'm going to get the art page up again shortly, just gotta make sure all the images will display properly witht he theme. Plus I'm trying to make some new art and I was hoping to make something for spooky month but my ipad kinda broke randomly and it's not looking good. Kinda bummed but I'm just refiguring out my art process with a sketchbook, phone, and my xp-pen tablet. At least I defintely still have a means to make digital art. It did knock a little wind out of my sail so my bad. Hopefully once I get comfy in my new system, I can have an influx of art to show/update with :) I did add a link on the right sidebar to a chatbox page so feel free to go there if you're into that. I think their cool. there's also a fuinctioning guestbook again if you want to leave any comments about the site itself or just say you were here :]
Till another update, later! Stay rad and hyrdated!!


Still trying to change the site up and get it tweaked how I like; slowly getting it right. Sorry it takes me forever!


We're changing it up again lmao - bear with me!! New layout and stoof on the way ~


Trying to get a cursor I made to work but I'm having trouble, sorry if it only appears some places! I think most of the site is finally settled, just doing little tinkering touches for the most part now.


Still working on it lmao

Think we're gonna update this site again uwu The next week may be messy lol hopefully lots of cute features coming

Finally getting pages up. Had to reconstruct some stuff.

Starting to take form like I want!! >:D